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Design for Excellence!

  • Engineering team with 20 year's experience
  • From concept to completion
  • From single board to complete product (turn-key projects)
  • All factors considered - cost, manufacture and performance
  • Remedial solutions for flawed designs made by others
  • Serving 20+ countries

PCB Design and Optimization

We design single-sided or double-sided, single-layer or multi-layer, through hole, SMT, COB printed circuit boards. We can design from ground up or design according to your specifications. Our experienced design engineers also optimize the design for compactness, cost, yield, safety and EDS/EMC requirements. The PCBs are fully tested for functions and reliability. Full documentation including schematics and  BOM are provided to the customer as a complete package. The formats of the design files that we provide are compatible with most commonly used CAD formats in the industry. Our board design engineers works with other members in the team to guarantee that all important aspects of production be considered, including low cost in material, high efficiency in manufacturing and assembly, and high performance in functionality.

Analog and Digital System Development

Our team is strong in both analog and digital system design and their integration. We have experience working with various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, displacement, velocity, acceleration, vibration, etc. We have developed or worked with various types of data acquisition systems, high speed systems, and high precision and high accuracy systems (such as industrial test equipment and calibrators). On the digital side, we can work with simple digital logic circuits, programmable logic devices, digital signal processors (DSPs), and microprocessors (microcontrollers). For large-scale projects, when it is necessary, we can integrate a full PC mother board into the system, to take advantage of the existing configuration and resources.

Microprocessor-based Design with Embedded Software


PC-based Software Development

Wireless Control and Communications

Network-based Design

Audio and Visual Product Design

Design of Enclosure

Prototype Assessment

Re-design and Reverse Engineering


Consumer Electronics
Industrial Electronics
Displays & Signage
Wireless Solutions
Computer & Network
Health Care
Safety & Security
GPS & Satellite
Auto, Sports & Games
Audio & Visual
Gifts & Novelty


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