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    We have a strong engineering team, with a combined experience of over 200 years, covering almost all areas of electronics engineering. Most of the building blocks for common electronics applications are already there, ready to be integrated into your project. That is one of the reasons why we can deliver the prototypes or go into production much faster than other providers. The following is a non-exhaustive list of our engineering and manufacturing capabilities.


PCB Design and Optimization

We design single-sided or double-sided, single-layer or multi-layer, through hole, SMT, COB printed circuit boards. We can design from ground up or design according to your specifications. Our experienced design engineers also optimize the design for compactness, cost, yield, safety and EDS/EMC requirements. The PCBs are fully tested for functions and reliability. Full documentation including schematics and  BOM are provided to the customer as a complete package. The formats of the design files that we provide are compatible with most commonly used CAD formats in the industry. Our board design engineers works with other members in the team to guarantee that all important aspects of production be considered, including low cost in material, high efficiency in manufacturing and assembly, and high performance in functionality.

Analog and Digital System Development

Our team is strong in both analog and digital system design and their integration. We have experience working with various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, displacement, velocity, acceleration, vibration, etc. We have developed or worked with various types of data acquisition systems, high speed systems, and high precision and high accuracy systems (such as industrial test equipment and calibrators). On the digital side, we can work with simple digital logic circuits, programmable logic devices, digital signal processors (DSPs), and microprocessors (microcontrollers). For large-scale projects, when it is necessary, we can integrate a full PC mother board into the system, to take advantage of the existing configuration and resources.

Microprocessor-based Design with Embedded Software

Microprocessors greatly extend the flexibility of the design and functions of digital systems, providing high performance and convenient user interface for electronics products. We design simple digital systems that only involves logic circuits, as well as complicated digital systems that features real time processing, multitasking and networking. Our engineers are experienced with various types of microprocessors from different chip makers such as Motorola, Microchip, Texas Instruments, EM Microelectronic, etc.

With the drastic reduction in the cost of commonly used microprocessors over the years, now most project can afford a design with microprocessors if necessary. The technology has also made it possible for many models to work at very low current, a situation required for hand-held devices working on batteries. We work with very small microcontrollers to high-end CISPs and DSPs with integrated peripherals, with full capacity of hardware design and software development, all according to your specifications.

PC-based Hardware and Software Development

Some applications require that the hardware and software be designed based on a regular computer. Our engineers are experienced in designing systems and devices that work with a regular computer, through parallel, serial, USB, firewire, Ethernet or any other types of interfaces, under various types of operating systems including various versions of Windows and Linux. For certain applications, we build around a PC motherboard, taking advantage of the existing structure and resources. In either case, our software engineers develop full functioning software with friendly graphic user interface (GUI) for the system. One example is a computer security system that uses a Linux system, which we designed for a client for commercial institutions.

Wireless Control and Communications

We are experienced in the design involving wireless control and wireless communications. Depending on the application, various wireless transmission and reception approaches can be used, including radio frequency (of varied frequencies), visible and invisible optical link (including infrared), ultrasound, etc. It can be as simple as a remote control such as that for your TV set or garage door, or as complicated as a full scale networked data transmission and management system. One example is the VoIP phone that we designed and manufactured for a proprietary network.

Network-based Design

Our engineers have a strong background in the design and development of systems that work over proprietary and standard networks, in both industrial and commercial applications. We have developed hardware and software for data deployment and management systems, based on various types of protocols. Some of the systems work in harsh industrial environments. We also designed and manufactured devices that include embedded hardware and software, allowing them to communicate through the Internet. One example is an interactive advertising and messaging system that we designed and manufactured, involving multiple display units that can be remotely managed through the Internet by a central management station.

Audio, Visual and User Interactive Products

Many consumer devices these days involve certain type of audio and/or visual components. Most industrial devices and equipment also involves these and other interactive components. Our engineers are experienced in integrating all these components seamlessly into your application, making it outstanding in appearance, superior in function and friendly in user interaction.

The display that we work with includes LED, LCD (monochrome and full color TFT), OLED, VFD, ELP, etc. We also design touch panels (resistive, capacitive, sensor-based, etc.) and various types of keypads (including backlit membrane keypads). One example is the test and measurement equipment that we designed and manufactured, involving monochrome and color LCDs and touch panels.

Design of Enclosure

As an essential part of a complete turn-key solution, we design and  supply various types of enclosures with our electronics products. The molding and injection are conducted in a sub-contracted factory that associates closely with us on a long-term basis. We are capable of making rugged enclosures for harsh industrial applications, as well as cool-looking enclosures for consumer products. Our electronics design engineers work side by side with the molding designer, to guarantee that the enclosure fits the PCB, display and other parts, and is appropriate in manufacturing and assembly. For certain applications, we also recommend to the client cost effective, off-the-shelf enclosures if the quantity and other factors justify it.

Re-design and Reverse Engineering

We have experience dealing with old or obsolete designs. We can revise the design based on the old design; we can make a design based on the functions of an old device; or we can simply start from scratch based on a description of an obsolete device and improvements required by the client. We can also replicate products or parts if they are otherwise unavailable. One example is that we routinely re-design and re-tool LCD display modules and other parts that other manufacturers have stopped supporting, but are still needed by many of our clients for their existing line of products. (These services are subject to patent and other intellectual property limitations. Altadox, Inc. shall decline to conduct any projects that are in violation of laws and regulations concerning patents and other intellectual properties, in the US, Canada, Europe, China and other countries.)

Diagnostic and Remedial Solutions

What if you are so disappointed by the previous design engineering firm or contract manufacturer whom you hired for developing and making your products? Contact us for a diagnostic and/or remedial solution! Believe it or not, many of our current clients came to us for this very purpose. There are various reasons why a specific design does not work. In most cases, it's only a simple twist of  parameters on the PCB or a revision of the embedded software. In any case, we can help you if you feel not treated with full effort somewhere else.

Regulatory Expertise for CE, UL, CSA, TUV, FCC, etc.

We have experience in obtaining necessary regulatory certifications, including CE, UL, CSA, TUV, FCC, etc. We have all related regulatory requirements in mind when we make a design, and conduct necessary tests at each stage of development to ensure that the final product comply with various standards. Our clients can choose to send the samples to the corresponding laboratories or government agencies for testing and certification. We can also do it for you. In most cases, these certifying laboratories or agencies have their local offices near our facilities, and we can obtain the necessary certificates in a more cost-saving and time-saving manner.

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