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Engineering Team with 15+ Year's Experience

Our design engineering team has 18 electric and electronics engineers, all with Master of Science, Master of Engineering or Ph. D. degrees from renowned universities in China, US, UK or Germany. Among them there are five senior engineers, each with more than 15 year's experience in electronics design, development and manufacturing. We have recently welcomed into our team three young graduates, two with master's degree in electric and electronics engineering and one with master's degree in mechanical engineering. We attach great importance to continuing education for all our team members, even the senior engineers, to keep up with the development of new technologies.

Dedicated Personnel for Each Project

We treat each project entrusted to us with full commitment and professionalism, whether it is as simple as laying out a PCB or as complicated as building a turn-key multidisciplinary system. Depending on the nature of the project, an appropriate number of engineers and technicians are assigned to the job, forming a project group. The combination of experience and expertise of the designated group are tailored to what is required to complete the job. Besides the contribution from other group members, the group leader will be dedicated to the project from the initial stage to mass production.

Design for Excellence! - Cost, Manufacture and Performance

There are various factors involved in the design and manufacturing of a product. Some of these factors conflict with one another. For example, reliability vs. easy assembly, low cost vs. high performance, functionality vs. aesthetics, etc. Engineers without experience with the assembly line often have a narrow focus on the functions of a product, neglecting cost in production or logistics (such as packaging and shipping), thus causing an otherwise good design completely useless. Through years of experience, Altadox engineers have mastered the art of designing the best performing product while taking into consideration other factors including low cost, easy assembly, reliability and robustness, appealing looks, as well as great savings in shipping.

From Concept to Completion

We can work with you from the initial stage when a concept is formed, all the way to the completion of a final product. It is most beneficial to the customer if we make the design from the very beginning, since we take into consideration all factors involving functions, reliability, production, assembly and installation. However, we can help you at any stage during your development phase, by analyzing your existing design, assessing previously built prototypes or samples, and proposing ways to optimize the design and proceed to further steps toward completion of prototypes and/or mass production.

From Parts to Products (Turn-key Projects)

We design and manufacture electronics parts according to the customer's specifications, such as PCBs, wireless modules, computer boards, various display panels and modules, etc. The major part of our business is to design and build a complete product for the customer. We have full capabilities and resources to deliver turn-key projects to our clients, from engineering design of electronics and enclosure, through prototyping and assessment, all the way to mass production and final packaging. System integration is one of our specialties.

Serving Both Small and Big Clients

We serve both large and small clients, including Fortune 500 companies as well as individual inventors. A good project does not have to come from a big client! We take on projects based on the merits of the product. Once we are committed, we attach importance to each and every project that we conduct.

CE, UL, CSA, TUV, FCC, etc.

We have all related regulatory requirements in mind when we make a design, and conduct necessary tests at each stage of development to ensure that the final product comply with various standards. We have experience in obtaining necessary regulatory certifications, including CE, UL, CSA, TUV, FCC, etc.

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