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Displays & Signage

      The following is an illustration of the products that we designed and/or manufactured for our clients over the last 15 years. The products we are able to manufacture on OEM/ODM and contract manufacturing basis will not be limited to the products listed below. This portfolio is only to show our history of customer satisfaction. We look forward to work with you on any of your projects.

LCD Displays

  • TN, HTN, STN, FSTN panels and modules
  • Color LCD: TFT, CSTN
  • Parallel, SPI, IC, RS232, LVDS, VGA, DVI interfaces
  • Standard and Custom-made
  • Non-regular shape, specialized fluid and parameters
  • Control electronics and custom circuitry available

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Digital Signage Systems

  • All common multimedia formats
  • User interaction via touch screen or keypad
  • Easy installation for retail stores, shopping carts, show booths and remote locations
  • Remote content management through the Internet
  • Wireless control and update
  • User-friendly GUI management software
  • Data format compatible with major data warehouses and analysis tools

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