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Build to Specifications and Satisfaction

Prototypes are the result of engineering design. The factors that we evaluated in engineering design, such as cost, manufacture and performance, are fully considered in the building of prototypes. We build every prototype strictly to the customer's specifications, and conduct full functional testing and other testing required by the customer. Our commitment is not to simply build a prototype for you, but to build a prototype to your complete satisfaction! It is not a half-baked product, but a fully functional product with the exact look and touch you require and ready for mass production.

Low-cost Prototyping

Prototyping involves various costs, including engineering design, molding of enclosures and tooling of PCBs and other parts. We have taken a number of measures to control the cost of prototyping for our clients. All the design work is conducted by our own experienced engineers to guarantee efficiency. Components and material are acquired from our long-term suppliers to leverage our large buying power. Certain out-sourced parts are made either by our fully-owned subsidiaries or by our closely associated manufacturers to ensure cost-effectiveness. Manual tooling or stereo lithographic molding is used whenever appropriate to save up-front cost for our clients. Our ability to save cost for our clients has been achieved through year's of experience and good will with our material suppliers and other associates, and is highly acclaimed in the industry,

Fast Turnaround

We attach great importance to delivering quality prototypes as well as delivering them on time, or, in many cases, ahead of time! The average time that we use to build prototypes is well less than the industry standard. This is due to our extensive experience in various electronics designs - the talents and modules for building most electronics devices are already available, ready to be put together.

Thorough Testing and Evaluation

We thoroughly test and evaluate the prototypes that we build for our clients. We abide by industry-standard procedures for testing and evaluating the function, quality, reliability and environmental parameters. We can also develop necessary procedures and fixtures to test specialized products, including in-circuit test, functional test, self-test and diagnostics, environmental tests, and any software associated with these tests.

Supporting Phased Prototyping

In most projects, our clients require us to build prototypes that are exactly the same as the final products both in function and in cosmetics, for the purpose of evaluation and approval by the clients prior to mass production. There are also cases where the clients ask us to build functional prototypes (in other words, electronics parts without final enclosures) before they decide to invest in molding and other expensive tooling. We support phased (or partial) prototyping. When a project involves expensive molding, we can build cheaper manual tooling or stereo lithographically created molding for the purpose of evaluation. We even find temporary enclosures to protect and support the electronics parts, making it easier for the clients to conduct evaluation.

Revisions and Modifications Allowed

In most cases, our clients are satisfied with the first prototypes we made and go into production right away. However, if the clients want to make certain revisions or modifications to the prototypes after they are made, we always do whatever we can to meet the clients' requirements. We won't stop working until the clients are 100% satisfied.

Assessment of Prototypes Made by Other Providers

Assessment of prototypes is an essential step toward manufacturing. We carefully analyze the prototypes developed by the clients or ourselves, to reduce the cost, ensure consistency in production,  enhance performance, conform to applied regulatory standards, and making the final product fit for assembly and mass production. The clients' specifications will be adhered to, and modifications will be approved by the clients before they are implemented. 

Prototyping Based on Clients' Samples

In many cases, our clients have a half-finished or flawed prototype they developed before they found us, or they have some samples that they want to improve. We can build prototypes based on the clients prototypes or samples, and improve upon them. Again it is most beneficial to work with us from the very beginning, but we can help you at any stage during your development cycle. (These services are subject to patent and other intellectual property limitations. Altadox, Inc. shall decline to conduct any projects that are in violation of laws and regulations concerning patents and other intellectual properties, in the US, Canada, Europe, China and other countries.)

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